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Nuke Studio 10 by The Foundry (Latest) + Crack

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What is Nuke ?

NUKE 10 is a complete VFX, editorial and review tool for both creative individuals working end to end and collaborative teams engaged on quick-turnaround projects. 

How to Install?

1. Install Your Foundry Product (can be downloaded on original website or link below)

2. Install FLT7 (If you already have our rlm server working and running , jump to step 8) 

3. Stop Foundry License Server

4. Copy the cracked rlm.foundry.exe over the original one (C:\Program Files (x86)\The Foundry\\LicensingTools7.0\bin\RLM\rlm.foundry.exe"

5. Edit xf_foundry.lic replacing HOST_NAME MAC_ADDRESS PORT.  You can get those informations using rlmutil.exe , a simple dos window ipconfig/all


you can start Foundry License Utility and choose Diagnostics and Run Diagnostics, you will find your hostname, your mac address (System ID)  

  PORT is by default 5053 if you dont put any (dont forget to delete the word PORT then if you dont want to specify one) . If you need more infos read RLM manual.

6. Copy the xf_foundry.lic to C:\ProgramData\The Foundry\RLM

7. Restart RLM Server you can do that from services or just with Foundry License Utility (the best way to check logs and infos)

Select RLM Server and Click on Start Server

8. Start Your Foundry Product and Enjoy it !!

9. Enjoy and keep support www.fikrizamri.com

Watch tutorial video below if still don't know how to install.

- Download link below -


Download NUKE V10 0V3 : Mediafire   (Make sure to click skip Linkbucks and Adfly Ads)

Download Crack Only       : Mediafire 

Password: fikrizamri

- contact me if have problem with the download -

Original Website : https://www.thefoundry.co.uk/products/nuke/

Credit : XFORCE 

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